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The Monster Mayhem PFP collection is an Art Project of Distort Monsters

With the intention of blurring the lines between digital and physical spaces, several NFTs in the collection represent ownership of a physical asset that can be claimed and shipped anywhere in the world as well as other cool perks that all holders get! Each Monstrous NFT is assembled from a set of traits to generate one totally unique monster! The collection will be released in three waves, each with its own theme and unique set of traits.

Each Monster will cost 1 Solana to mint & the total collection will be 5,555 pieces~

The Monsters have launched into the metaverse. Come make mayhem!

Illustrated monsters in a line


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Our collection will be released in three waves. Each wave of Monsters will contain unique traits based on a theme. The third wave of monsters will be exclusively available to holders of Waves 1 and 2.


WAVE 02 MONSTERS FROM SPACE - 4/27/22 - 2222

WAVE 03 MONSTERS [▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] - ??? - ????


Seeded throughout the collection are brand new artworks that lucky token minters will be able to claim & have shipped anywhere in the world that our courier covers. So what kind of awesomeness are going to be given out in the collection?

60 Pieces of a new 5" Distort Monsters Art Toy

30 Pieces of 12" x 12" paintings. Freshly painted for the Monster Mayhem collection!

3 Legendary Pieces of 24" x 24" paintings of hand assembled Monsters that can only be claimed after the July Exhibit in Hong Kong.


We are in the process of creating a token burn program that will enable monsters to be sacrificed for a currency that can evolve a monster into something new.

Also get ready to stake your monsters for Wave 3 WL Tokens!


The Monster Mayhem community is planning a bunch of events for the year! After the Monster Mayhem exhibits we are putting together a Monster-y Halloween Party. Our current event calendar:

June 19 - Secret Fresh, Philippines

July xx - 13A New Street, Hong Kong

October - ??? - HALLOWEEN

??? - ??? -???


The reponse to Art Prints has been and amazing and our webstore platform is well on the way so we can handle the volume of orders. Rest assured our production lines are fully fueled for the next launch!


We've decided to pivot the game into a board game that uses cards and art toys to deliver something accessible and fun. We're also working on app filters to bring monsters to life on your phones.

About the Artist, Distort Monsters!

Street corners. Abandoned buildings. Unsuspecting walls. That’s where you’ll find the mischievous creatures made popular by artist Distort Monsters. Influenced by skateboarding and punk rock, his characters are more than just bold outlines and multilinear textures—they’re colorful representations of a counterculture spirit. Themes of his monstrous works revolve around countering adversity with some hardcore resilience. He has been painting for over a decade, with his work being brought to life on the streets, in gallery exhibitions, canvas pieces, art toys, public installations, and now… the metaverse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each Monster costs 1 Solana & will require you to be using Phantom Wallet to buy!

For crypto/NFT newbies, especially those from the Philippines, you can check out this link where we tried to make it as straightforward as we could.

You miss out!

Because of the scalability of the technology and its environmental footprint compared to other blockchains supporting NFTs.

We want to make something that fits creatively in this exciting space as a way of understanding the technology in a manner that is ethically aligned with our artistic values.

  1. When the merch is ready the team will provide a link to claim stuff! Please make sure the link you get is an official one.
  2. Login with the right wallet & complete the order form with delivery details.
  3. Shipping is free worldwide, as long as it is accessible by DHL!

Yes, as long as it is covered by DHL! And all of the stuff that is seeded in the collection will be shipped globally free of charge.

If you don't want to claim the physical things you won, why not give it back to the community? Talk to the Team & let's do something cool together.

We are waiting for samples to come through to make sure everything sold is high quality. We will update this when stocks become available!

Personal non-commercial use. You can sell your NFT on secondary markets, and you can print out your monster, frame it, or put it on a shirt. But please don't make a hundred shirts with your monster on it and start selling them! If you are entreprenurial monster, reach out to the team, maybe we can do something together!